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Supporting the Hovingham Primary School Food Bank

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Hovingham Primary School


+44 (0) 113 248 9537

Hovingham primary school

One of our clients – Hovingham Primary School –  is stepping up during this challenging time and aiming to provide food and support to disadvantaged families in their community. Unfortunately, Coronavirus has severely affected the work charities are able to do, services and support is now very limited and the community is in a desperate situation -  facing food poverty.

Team Hovingham are aiming to set up a weekly food bank, at their school Hovingham Primary School, to provide some relief to people that do not have access to public funds and food banks. The Food bank will be staffed by their staff and plan to provide weekly hampers to local families. Respecting the government's guidance, everybody will keep a two-metre distance. 

They are looking for donations of either food or money to support this cause

Contact them via the form below or give them a call.